The College of Embodied Arts is committed to:

The transmission of knowledge body to body, generation to generation, as in, “I learned it from some — body. A person I know.” Learned what? How to crush garlic, knit, spit a cherry pit, play pat-a-cake, sew a seam, play an instrument, throw a boomerang, sing a song. We accomplish this through transmitting knowledge person to person in the age old tradition of oral cutltures, using methods that include embodied, experiential, and kinesthetic learning.

Jeanne Christopherson (BFA Drama/Dance,and Masters in Performance, Culture and Education) has taught, choreographed and performed dance in many formats for 30 years in Montana, New York, and California. She performed with Contact Collective, Nancy Meehan Dance Company, Judy Padow Dance Company and Serge St. Juste’s Nago Dancers in New York City. During her 10 year residency in New York, she founded the Grand Street Settlement Children’s Dance Company and currently directs Nefertiti’s Dozen Performance Group.

In her eighteen years on the faculty of CSU Chico she has served as the advisor of the Chico State’s Acrobatic Club, the African Diaspora Organization (TADO), Envy Hip Hop Club and the Pan African Union. She serves on the Kinesiology Department Diversity Committee, the Board of Trustees for Chico Women’s Club. and Board of Directors for College of Embodied Arts under Ecospirit, Inc. She also teaches community classes for all ages, and directs UNPLUGGED ARTS, a summer performance arts camp for children.

Her classes cover cultural dance and music from the Caribbean and Africa, Yoga classes, Contact Improvisation partnering, dance for children, Reiki attunement trainings, and Massage for Friends and Family workshops, all adapted to the age and experience of each student